Monday, September 1, 2014

This Day in History–1 Sept

This Day in HistoryOn this day in:

1685 – Priscilla Capen (Wife’s 1st cousin 9 times removed) was born in Topsfield, Massachusetts.

1751 – Sarah Capen (Wife’s 3rd cousin 7 times removed) was baptized in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

1772 – √Ągidius Morlock (5th Great Granduncle) was born in Schellbron, Neuhausen, Germany.

1906 – Selina Russell (3rd Great Grandmother) died in Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales.

Thank you for reading – if you find a link to our family or would like to know anything more about those listed above, please contact me.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Data Backup Day–Don’t Lose all that Hard Work!

Data Backup DayTomorrow is data backup day for a lot of family historians and I am no different. If you are not backing up your data tomorrow then I hope you have another day set aside at least once a month to do a backup. I thought I would post this the day before to show how I backup my data which may help someone with their backup routine and maybe others can give me some tips on my process.

Before I say anything else, the most important thing about backup is that you are using a backup scheme that works best for you and your situation and one that you will stick to. But, at the very minimum and what I’ve always been told is that it is a good idea to backup your data to at least one other type of media that is physically separated from what you are backing up. For instance, if your are backing up the hard drive on your desktop computer, the media you are backing up to should not be within your desktop tower. It should be to an external hard drive or a flash drive or maybe DVDs. Like I said, that is the minimum, I like to exceed this for extra piece of mind and it doesn’t really take all that much effort.

My backup plan is centered around multiple copies in different locations. Here is what I do:

1. I own a 1 TB Western Digital My Book Live drive that is connected to my home network via our router. I use the software that came with the drive and I have it setup to backup all the files on the two hard drives in my desktop, this includes all of my genealogy data. This software is a continuous backup so I don’t have to remember to push a backup button. However, I do check it at least once a week to make sure it is working properly.

2. In order to have all my genealogy data with me wherever I go, I use Dropbox. I have it installed on my desktop and on my Surface Pro 2, which is my laptop. So, it also serves as another backup of my data. Not only do I have it on my desktop and my Surface Pro 2 but it is also located in the cloud. By the way, I share genealogy data with my sister who is in a completely different state and she has Dropbox on her computer also, so there is another mode of backup.

3. I own two 1 TB WD my passport external drives. One of these drives is for all my genealogy data and the other is for all the other important files that I need to backup. These are my third layer of backup and I keep both hard drives locked up in my desk at work. I bring them home on the 1st of each month, do my backups and take them back to work.

The first two parts of my plan are almost automatic, I don’t really have to think about them too much and my data is being backed up. I had to set them up initially and I do check them quite often to ensure things are working the way I want them to work, but for the most part they work in the background. The third step is the one that really takes any time and effort. I have to physically connect these to my desktop via USB and then copy all the files I want to backup onto the drives. Depending on the mood of my computer, the process can take as little as 30 minutes but it has also taken up to about an 2 hours. However, the extra piece of mind that this step gives me is worth any amount of time it takes.

So, that is how I backup my data each and every month. It is the system that works best for me and gives me piece of mind. There are a lot of different ways to backup your data, Thomas MacEntee, of Geneabloggers has a whole page setup with backup resources here: Resources For Backing Up Your Data.

Do you have any suggestions on making my system better?  How do you backup your data? Write a post on your own blog about your backup plan or share it in the comments here.

Thanks for reading and keep diggin’ for that family.


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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pakledinac (Pakledinaz) Family of Tompojevci

John (Ivan) Pakledinaz (Pakledinac)For the past month or so, I have been making my way through church records from the Sotin parish located in what is now Croatia but at the time of these records it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. My ancestors are from the nearby village of Tompojevci. Sotin is where the main parish was so that is where I look for church records. My goal for this was to confirm my great grandfather’s birth and parents and look for other family in the village. The records are extensive, covering birth, marriage, and deaths from 1795 – 1895, so I have many records to go through; you can read what I have already written about these records here; Old Country Church Records.

I would like to say that I am through with the records but I am not, I have only made it through the baptisms for years 1857 – 1895 with minor browsing through all the other years. However, I wanted to share what I have uncovered so far.

As I mentioned, the goal was to look for family of my great grandfather, John Pakledinaz. What I have to report about his mother, father, and siblings is not great happy news. I am happy to find his family and put more of my history together, but I cannot imagine what his parents and the rest of the family had to go through during this time.

John’s parents are Marcus and Elisabetha (Bankovic) Pakledinaz. They had 10 children that I can find in the records, only 4 of those would live past their 1st year of life, and one other would die at age 15. It is not uncommon to have children die within months of birth in this era, I have run into it with other families I am researching but I have not had a family that lost this many children so early in life. I cannot and will not even try to imagine losing one of my children. I cannot begin to feel how devastating this must have been for Marcus and Elisabetha, my 2nd great grandparents. Here is a list of their children:

1. Marianus – born (listed as their first-born) 10 October 1866, died 13 October 1866, just 3 days old.

2. Joannes – born 2 December 1867, died 22 August 1883, just 15 years old.

3. Adamus – born 24 March 1870, died 29 Aug 1871, just 1 year old.

4. Elias – born 20 July 1874, died 19 Dec 1874, just 5 months old.

5. Magdalena – born 24 October 1875, died 4 December 1875, just a month old.

6. Barbara – 26 December 1876, died on ??. I hope to find some more about her.

7. Josip – 19 March 1879, died on ??. He immigrated to the US in 1906 and sometime before 1920 changed his name from Pakledinaz to Parker. In 1930, he was in Michigan with his family – I lose track of him after that.

8. Matija – born 19 February 1881, died 11 August 1881, just 5 months old.

9. Gjuragj – born 10 May 1883, died 24 February 1885, just 1 year old.

10. Ivan (John, my great grandfather) – born 16 March 1885, died 13 March 1957 in Detroit, Michigan. I’ve written about him in these previous posts: Birth Record, Draft Registration Cards, Immigration Ship Manifest, Surname Saturday - Pakledinac (I am going to have to update my Pakledinac page soon with the new information I am finding).

As I continue through these records, I will make additional posts on my findings of our Pakledinaz (Pakledinac) and Bankovic ancestors. My goal is to be through them by the end of September.

The citation for these records are: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, "Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1994," database and images, Family Search ( : accessed 17 Aug 2014); Roman Catholic (Rimokatoli?ka crkva) > Sotin > Births (Ro?eni),Marriages (Vjen?ani), Deaths (Umrli) 1857-1885

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Follow Friday–My Favorites from the last week (or so…)

Follow FridayThe below blog posts caught my attention over the past week or so and thought I would pass them along in case you missed them.

- Three Years of Blogging Happiness- Mary, at Jollett, Etc. celebrated her three year blogaversary by updating and revamping her blog – I think it looks great and what she did can offer all of us some suggestions on improving our blogs.

- 10 Tips to Revive and Refocus Your Family History Research- Lynn, of The Armchair Genealogist (one of my favorites) gives some good advice on how to refocus your research efforts.

- 30+ Ultimate Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, Articles, and Emails – Kevan Lee of buffersocial give some excellent formulas that successful social media and bloggers us to come up with their eye-catching headlines.

- Top 10 Articles of August 2014 – the Journal of American Revolution presents their best from the month. I think I covered some of these on my follow Friday posts, but its worth repeating. Although it is not a genealogy blog, it gives great information to help put context to your Revolutionary War ancestors. And it is a great read for us history nerds.

- Trials and Tribulations of Writing while Sleeping – Mark Boonshoft of The Junto shares how he deals with getting his best ideas and moments of genius at the most inconvenient times.

I hope you find these useful or at the very least, interesting.

Thanks for reading and keep diggin' for that family.


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This Day in History–29 August

This Day in HistoryOn this day in:

1736 – James Capen (Wife’s 3rd Cousin 7 times removed) was born in Charlestown, Mass.

1764 – Peter Lutz (8th Great Grandfather) died in Weselberg, in what is now Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 

1853 – Bernard Piller (4th Great Grandfather) died in Milititsch, Batschka, Hungary, Austria.

Thank you for reading – if you find a link to our family or would like to know anything more about those listed above, please contact me.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Day in History–28 August

This Day in HistoryOn this day in:

1731 – Jacob Humphrey (Wife’s 2nd Cousin 7 times removed was born in Dorchester, Mass.

Thank you for reading – if you find a link to our family or would like to know anything more about those listed above, please contact me.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Day in History–27 August

This Day in HistoryOn this day in:

1700 – Michael Wash married Sarah Alcocke (7th Great Grandparents) in Linby, Nottingham, England.

Thank you for reading – if you find a link to our family or would like to know anything more about those listed above, please contact me.

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